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NORTHERN IRELAND and REPUBLIC of IRELAND copy Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates

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Birth • Adoption • Marriage • Death Certificates online

Birth, Adoption, Marriage & Death Certificate for Northern Ireland   Birth, Marriage & Death Certificate for Eire  

Lost an Irish Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate or require a copy for legal purposes including Ireland Passports, Pension, Driving Licence applications, Remarriage, Divorce etc or for Irish Family History research? You may order an official duplicate through our online service.

All Ireland Birth certificates are the FULL LONG VERSION suitable for official applications, and include registered parents details and are NOT photocopies

Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland certificates differ in appearance. Northern Ireland bear the official round general office and impressed seal and Republic of Ireland documents carry the 'Harp' symbol. Each copy certificate is mailed to you within a protective waterproof pouch which not only safeguards against adverse weather conditions during the delivery process, but is ideal for storing this important document.

When researching your Irish Family History, a duplicate birth certificate may provide a wealth of information including parents details, address at time of registration and Fathers* occupation (*if registered). Don't worry if you do not know the exact date of birth (pre 1959) as we will undertake a THREE YEAR search on your behalf

Copy Irish Birth, Roman Catholic Marriage and Death Certificates are available from January 1864 when civil registration began, however during the early years not all events were registered, most notably births, and it was not uncommon for a baptism document to be used for identification purposes in place of a civil registered birth certificate. In these instances there is no civil record therefore regrettably no birth certificate available and any details relating to the birth would only be available from specific parish records.
Non Roman Catholic marriages were registered from 1845 and Adoption certificates are available from 1931.

If you have any questions we are always happy to assist. Please email or telephone us if you require help in applying for a replacement certificate.

Certified Certificates UK provide a high level of service which includes keeping you informed throughout the order process, together with a final email notifying you of the date your document was mailed.

Pleave view our Customer Comments at the bottom of this page

Please choose the service you require, and the link will take you to the page to order your replacement Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland certificate...

Irish Birth Certificates

Civil registration began in January 1864
Birth Certificates available from
January 1864 to 2016

Standard Service: £30.00 (N. I.)
Express Service: £50.00 (N. I.)
Standard: £35.00 (RoI)


Irish Adoption (Northern Ireland only)

Full and Short version Adoption certificate registered in Northern Ireland, available from January 1931 to 2012

Standard Service: £30.00
Express Service: £50.00


Irish Marriage Certificates

Marriage Certificates available from April 1845 to 2015
Civil registration Non-RC began April 1845
Civil registration RC began January 1864

Standard Service: £30.00 (N. I.)
Express Service: £50.00 (N. I.)
Standard: £35.00 (RoI)


Irish Death Certificate

Civil registration began in January 1864
Available from January 1864 to 2015

Standard Service: £30.00 (N.I.)
Express Service: £50.00 (N.I.)
Standard: £35.00 (RoI)


Customer Comments

"Thank you very much. An excellent service, efficient in every aspect from website ordering through to feedback on order progress through to delivery. Packaging neat and precise and telephone service excellent....."
Mrs CD, London - copy Irish Birth Certificate

"Excellent service! Thank you...."
Mr MW, London - Birth Certificate Ireland

"I am extremely pleased with the service I received. Securing a birth certificate for a 91 year old woman was absolutely necessary and I am very grateful this service exists - and at such a reasonable cost. The on-line customer service help was wonderful. All in all, the best of experiences. Thank you....."
M. Jarvis, USA - Irish Birth Certificates

"What an amazing service. We did not know my Mothers birthday who died 50 years ago. Very Well Done. Cannot praise your efforts more highly....."
Mr DL - Irish Family Research and Republic Ireland Birth certificate

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