Information on Birth Adoption Marriage Death Certificates

Replace lost Birth, Marriage, Adoption, Death certificates with official copy duplicate
When tracing your Family History a copy Certificate is a powerful tool, containing information to aid with your research.

Below is a summary of the details shown on each particular Certificate.

England and Wales BIRTH Certificate Information

Birth Certificates from July 1837-1968 have a landscape A4 format and contain the following:

  • Registration District, Sub-district & Administrative area
  • Entry Number (Internal reference number)
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Full Name
  • Sex
  • Name and Surname of Father (if registered)
  • Name, Surname and Maiden Surname of Mother
  • Occupation of Father (if registered)
  • Signature, Description and Residence of Informant
  • Date of Registration
  • Signature of Registrar
  • Name entered after Registration (usually lined through)
  • Date of Certificate

Birth Certificates from 1969 have a portrait A4 format and contain all the above information together with the following additional details:

  • NHS number (up to 1995 only)
  • Fathers' Place of Birth (if registered)
  • Mothers' Place of Birth
  • Mothers' Surname at Marriage if different from Maiden Surname
  • Usual Address of Mother (if different from place of birth of the child)


England and Wales ADOPTION Certificate Information

Short Adoption Certificates do not show any reference to Adoption and contain the following information:

  • Country of Birth
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Adoptive Forename(s) and Surname
  • Sex

Full Adoption Certificates contain all the above information together with the following additional details:

  • Full Name(s) of Adoptive Parent(s)
  • Full Address of Adoptive Parent(s)
  • Occupation(s) of Adoptive Parent(s)
  • Date of Adoption Order
  • Date when Adoption granted and Name of Court


England and Wales MARRIAGE Certificate Information

  • Place, Year, District and County where the Marriage Ceremony took place
  • Date of Marriage
  • Forename(s) and Surname of Bride and Groom
  • Age of Bride and Groom
  • Marital Status of Bride and Groom (at time of Marriage)
  • Occupation of Bride and Groom
  • Address of Bride and Groom (at time of Marriage)
  • Signatures of Bride and Groom
  • Signatures of Witnesses
  • Registration District
  • Date of Certificate
  • Full Name of Brides’ Father
  • Occupation of Brides’ Father
  • Full Name of Grooms’ Father
  • Occupation of Grooms’ Father


England and Wales DEATH Certificate Information

Death Certificates from July 1837-1968 contain the following:

  • Registration District, Sub District and *County/Borough
  • Date and Place of Death
  • Name and Surname
  • Sex
  • Age at death*
  • Occupation
  • Cause of Death
  • Signature, Description* and Address of Informant
  • Date when Registered
  • Signature of Registrar
  • Date of Certificate

Death Certificates from April 1969 contain the above information with the following additions & replacements*:

  • Administrative Area*
  • Maiden Surname of Woman who has married
  • Date and Place of Birth*
  • Usual Address
  • Qualification of Informant*
  • Name of who Certified the Death


England and Wales DECREE ABSOLUTE Information

  • Case Number/No of Matter (usually located in top right-hand corner)
  • Court name
  • The Family Court stamp (this was changed from the red court stamp on 22nd April 2014)
  • Name of Petitioner
  • Name of Respondent
  • Name of Co-Respondent (if applicable and only if stated on divorce petition)
  • Date and Place of Marriage
  • Date the Nisi was pronounced
  • Date Absolute was granted
  • Standard notes statement





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