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What information do Scottish Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates show?

When tracing your Scottish Family History a copy Certificate is a powerful tool, containing information to aid with your research.

Below is a summary of the details shown on each particular replacement copy Certificate.

Replacement copy Scotland BIRTH Certificate - Information

  • Forename(s) and Surname
  • Date and Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Name and Occupation of Father (if registered)
  • Name and Maiden Surname of Mother
  • Occupation of Mother (usually entered only if unmarried or if Fathers details not registered 1855-1998. Shown as standard from 1999)
  • Date and Place of Marriage (if parents married and fathers details registered, from 1861)
  • Informant details
  • Date and Place where Registered
  • Signature of Registrar


Copy Scotland MARRIAGE Certificate - Information

  • Date & Place of Marriage
  • Forename(s) and Surname of Bride and Groom
  • Age of Bride and Groom (1855-1971)
  • Date and Place of Birth of Bride and Groom (from 1972)
  • Marital Status of Bride and Groom (at time of Marriage)
  • Occupation of Bride and Groom
  • Address of Bride and Groom (at time of Marriage)
  • Signatures of Bride and Groom
  • Signatures of Witnesses
  • Registration District
  • Date of Certificate
  • Full Names of Parents of Couple, including Maiden Surnames of Mother
  • Occupations of Parents of Couple


Duplicatge Scotland DEATH Certificate - Information

  • Forenames(s) and Surname of the Deceased
  • Date and Time of Death
  • Place of Death
  • Cause of Death
  • Age at Death
  • Date of Birth (from 1966)
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Name of Spouse (from 1861)
  • Name of Doctor who Certified the Death
  • Signature and qualification of Informant
  • Residence of Informant (1855-1965. Shown as standard from 1972)
  • Signature of Registrar
  • Date and Place of Registration





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