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Official UK replacement Adoption Certificates

If you have lost an original copy of an Adoption Certificate or require a replacement duplicate adoption certificate for legal purposes you are able to order swiftly and safely through our online service, or if you prefer by post

We supply 'Full' and 'Short version replacement Adoption Certificates. The former includes adoptive parents details and is used for legal purposes, including UK passport applications. We also understand there are times where a 'short' version of the Adoption Certificate may be required and our application form gives you the choice of certificate you wish to order. The 'short' certificate does not contain any reference to the adoption and may be preferred for submitting to schools, childrens activity societies etc or if your employer requests a copy of your Birth Certificate

If you were adopted with a change of name, the Adoption certificate officially supercedes your orginal registered Birth certificate for legal purposes, eg passport applications etc.
If you are unsure whether to order a copy of your original birth entry certificate or adoption certificate, our advisors will be happy to assist with any questions

Email Confirmation when Document Mailed
Secure Signed Delivery
Confidential Service

To order a duplicate Adoption Certificate
please click on the COUNTRY FLAG where the adoption was registered...

Click for ENGLISH Adoption Certificates

Standard: £18.00 
  Express: £40.00 
Click for NORTHERN IRELAND Adoption Certificates

Standard: £30.00 
  Express: £50.00 
Click for SCOTTISH Adoption Certificates

Standard: £27.00 
  Express: £50.00 
Click for WELSH Adoption Certificates

Standard: £18.00 
  Express: £40.00 

Express Service dispatch within 3/4 business days
Standard Service dispatch within 14/21 business days

Your replacement copy Adoption Certificate will be mailed within a protective waterproof pouch which not only acts as extra protection against adverse weather conditions during the delivery process, but is ideal for storing this important document

When researching your Family History, a copy of an Adoption Certificate may aid with the unanswered questions posed when tracing your ancestors. Regrettably, as exact information is required it is not always possible to obtain the Adoption Certificate of a loved one. If we are unable to assist in obtaining a certificate, our Researchers will offer alternative advice whenever possible, to help you further your research

If you have any questions regarding obtaining an Adoption Certificate our advisors will be happy to assist. Please email or telephone us if you require any help in applying for a replacement copy Adoption Certificate

Certified Certificates UK provide a high level of service which includes keeping you informed throughout the order process, together with a final email notifying you of the date your certificate was mailed

CERTIFIED CERTIFICATES UK - Professional and Reliable

Swift ~ Safe ~ Secure



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